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Handyman Services During Covid-19 – Safe, Responsible and Thoughtful

We take the epidemiologic measures very seriously and provide thoughtful care for the health of both our team and our customers.

We stay continually updated with the latest official recommendations and strictly follow all state authorities’ procedures.


Our company measures regarding the ongoing Covid-19 situation in the UK include:


Full protective equipment

Our handymen are obliged to wear a dependable protective mask and disposable gloves at their workplace, 100% of the time.

When arriving at your place, they will be fully protected and will not put your health in danger, no matter what.


Regular health checks

Every person throughout The Handyman London structures is professionally checked every day for symptoms like fever, sore throat, runny nose, and cough.

Suppose someone happens to feel unwell or shows any indications of a virus-like condition. In that case, they are immediately sent home and released from all professional assignments until they are proven to be healthy.


Routine disinfection

Our offices, vehicles, tools, devices, and machinery are an object of regular professional disinfection. We take care to sanitize our team’s belongings after every next address to ensure a minimized chance of virus transmission.

We only use licensed and proven disinfectants that are recommended by the local authorities.


Thoughtful social distancing

Our crew is educated on how to keep themselves and the ones around them safe during a visit. We guarantee an optimal distancing complying with all anti-epidemic measures.

Our handymen will not engage in any physical interactions, shake hands, or disregard your safety in any way possible. They will keep the proper distance and ask you to do the same.

Because your home is our responsibility, and so is your perfect well-being during the complicated times we’re facing together.

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