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Professional mould removal from walls: hygiene, aesthetics, and well-being

Mould is a type of aggressive fungus that can infect various sections of your property: the bathroom, walls, furniture, clothing, and everything else.

Severe mould infections will not only ruin the looks of your property. According to NHS, they can also result in developing rather unpleasant allergic reactions, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, skin rashes, and even asthma attacks.

The good news? Black mould removal from walls is something we can take professional care of – easily, swiftly, and with little to none effort on your side.


What causes wall mould to appear?

Moisture and humidity are the two leading causes of wall mould in any type of property. Moisture can run deeply inside the building’s structures, as higher air humidity can be caused by insufficient ventilation and high condensation.


This being said, wall mould removal is just a part of the job. As mould literally feeds on moisture, resolving these underlying issues is essential to keep it from coming back.


The experienced mould removal specialists from The Handyman London will help you define the real problem causing wall mould to appear. What’s more – they will help you plan the most suitable way to proceed in order to preserve the flawless results after a professional wall mould removal session.

Handyman Price Monday – Saturday Sunday
8 am – 6 pm 6 pm – 10 pm 8 am – 6 pm
First Half Hour £40 £45 £60 £50
Subsequent Half Hours £30 £35 £45 £40
Half Day (4 hours) £190 £325 £250
Full Day (8 hours) £320 Get a free quote

All rates are excluding VAT.

  • The minimum time per appointment is 1 hour (£40 + £30 = £70 +VAT). After the first hour, we will charge on a half-hour basis – £30
  • Shopping time for all requested materials and supplies will be added on top of the service price.
  • Parking is charged at cost where applicable
  • If we arrive and are unable to carry out the work through, there is a survey fee of £70
  • One shopping hour is charged at £30. The cost of the materials will be added to your final service.
  • Congestion Charge Zone – we will charge the cost of congestion in addition to our fees for the job.
  • Parking might be added on top if applicable

How are we going to remove the mould from your walls?

When you reach out to us, the dedicated team of The Handyman London will outline a process made to tailor your needs. As a part of our wall mould removal service, you can expect us to engage in:

  • Running a thorough on-site inspection to determine the extent and severity of the problem.
  • Outlining a tailored set of activities related to wall mould removal, including mechanical, chemical, and structural treatment of the area.
  • Bringing along a full set of professional tools, machinery, and cleaning solutions needed to get the job done.
  • Providing a full spectrum of finishing works, including the professional wall painting and grouting services required for the flawless looks of your property.

Finally, we will guarantee a safe, clean, and considerate service delivery with an entirely client-oriented approach. Because we believe that the process itself is just as relevant as the final result.

Black mould removal from walls: our service coverage

Our extended service catalogue is available for customers in all parts of London, including:


  • Central London (WC1-2)
  • East London (E1 – E20)
  • South East London (SE1 – SE28)
  • South London (S1 – S12)
  • North London (N1 – N22)

We can take care of mould infections of different sizes and severities, occurring in virtually all kinds of residential or commercial properties.

These include studios, apartments, houses, offices and office buildings, trading facilities, public properties, and more.

All you need to do is give us a call, explain your problem, and let us fix it in no time. Because wall mould removal will significantly improve both the hygiene of your place and your overall physical well-being!