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Shower Screen and Bathtub Installation - fast, convenient, intelligent

Bath and shower screen fitting is not the most effortless task you can possibly imagine, even if you happen to be physically strong and moderately experienced.

That is why trusting a team of experienced professionals to handle the task for you would be the most laid-back, carefree, and intelligent decision when it comes to your functional bathroom arrangement.

We will handle the job in a speedy, dependable, safe, and proficient manner, guaranteeing optimal safety, cleanliness, and professional expertise.

bathtub installation service

We install all types of bathtubs and shower screens

The Handyman London team has theoretical knowledge, practical skills, reliable equipment, and vast experience fitting virtually every shape, size, and kind of bathroom accessories. This includes:

  • Free-standing, double-ended, drop-in, alcove, corner, whirlpool, and other bathtubs from all materials, sizes, and shapes.
  • Framed or frameless, mount hinged, static, foldable, and other shower screens from all materials, sizes, and shapes.
  • Additional bathroom services such as mirror hanging and indoor furniture assembly.

Our on-site experts will acknowledge a number of additional details for delivering a flawless final result: floors and tiles material, interior functionality, sewage, draining, and home-specific features.

  • Adept
  • Masterly
  • Flexible
  • Fully equipped
Handyman Price Monday – Saturday Sunday
8 am – 6 pm 6 pm – 10 pm 8 am – 6 pm
First Half Hour £40 £45 £60 £50
Subsequent Half Hours £30 £35 £45 £40
Half Day (4 hours) £190 £325 £250
Full Day (8 hours) £320 Get a free quote

All rates are excluding VAT.

  • The minimum time per appointment is 1 hour (£32 + £25 = £57). After the first hour, we will charge on a half-hour basis – £25
  • Shopping time for all requested materials and supplies will be added on top of the service price.
  • Parking is charged at cost where applicable
  • If we arrive and are unable to carry out the work through, there is a survey fee of £30
  • One shopping hour is charged at £25. The cost of the materials will be added to your final service.
  • Congestion Charge Zone – we will charge the cost of congestion in addition to our fees for the job.
  • Parking might be added on top if applicable
shower screen installation service

What the service includes

Our bath and shower screen fitting service involves a thorough customer survey, professional planning, booking, and swift on-site installation. All phases of the process are intended to guarantee flawless user experience, adaptability, and compliance with your home and bath’s individual specifics.

Installation planning

We will help you determine the perfect spot for installing your bathtub or shower screen. We will consider safety, functionality, interior compliance, and customer preferences as the fundamental principles to base our decision on.

All tools and equipment included

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