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Thorough bathroom mould removal from The Handyman London

Excessive mould and mildew are generally widespread issues around the country. In fact, Shelter England reports that more than 4% of households in the UK are experiencing damp trouble, while commercial and public spaces are not even part of the statistics here.


As expected, bathrooms are among the most severely infected spaces when it comes to mould. Disproportionate moisture, condensation, and improper ventilation can quickly drive things out of control before you even realize it.


Unfortunately, dealing with bathroom mould is challenging, time-consuming, and usually ineffective when done by non-professionals. That’s where The Handyman London steps in to restore the comfort, excellence, and perfectly healthy living environment in your property.

Is bathroom mould dangerous?

Yes, bathroom mould is dangerous for both your home and your well-being. If left untreated for a long time, it can deeply affect the properties of your walls, furniture, and structural components beyond repair.

What’s more – being in touch with both dead and living mould spores can result in various health issues, including:

  • Occasional and chronic respiratory distress;
  • Mild to severe allergic reactions;
  • Lung damage and/or asthma attacks;
  • Rashes and skin conditions;
  • Autoimmune diseases, etc.

Put shortly: bathroom and shower mould removal shall become your primary concern as soon as you spot the first signs of damp contamination.


Our bathroom mould removal procedure explained

  • An initial survey and/or on-site inspection to determine the type, the extent, and the severity of the problem.
  • Careful procedure planning made to tailor the specifics of the mould spores identified on the spot.
  • Professional mould removal procedure with the latest tools and machinery in the niche.
  • Safe and effective mould decontamination carried out by using non-abrasive chemicals, safe for humans.
  • Additional and finishing works, delivered upon prior request by the customer. These include resealing bath and shower, tiling and grouting services, along with all odd jobs needed for the perfect appearance of your bathroom after the service.

We will stay relevant to your needs and your situation by offering both bathroom ceiling mould removal as well as high-end mould treatment for walls, floors, tiles, and furniture.

Handyman Price Monday – Saturday Sunday
8 am – 6 pm 6 pm – 10 pm 8 am – 6 pm
First Half Hour £40 £45 £60 £50
Subsequent Half Hours £30 £35 £45 £40
Half Day (4 hours) £190 £325 £250
Full Day (8 hours) £320 Get a free quote

All rates are excluding VAT.

  • The minimum time per appointment is 1 hour (£40 + £30 = £70 +VAT). After the first hour, we will charge on a half-hour basis – £30
  • Shopping time for all requested materials and supplies will be added on top of the service price.
  • Parking is charged at cost where applicable
  • If we arrive and are unable to carry out the work through, there is a survey fee of £70
  • One shopping hour is charged at £30. The cost of the materials will be added to your final service.
  • Congestion Charge Zone – we will charge the cost of congestion in addition to our fees for the job.
  • Parking might be added on top if applicable

Types of properties we can service

Residential homes are not the only type of properties we can handle as a part of our bathroom mould removal service. In fact, many of our customers also include:

  • Tourist accommodation properties – hotels, hostels, rental apartments, etc.
  • Different public and private facilities – offices and office buildings, caretaking facilities, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, universities, etc.
  • Trading and commercial properties – shopping centres, medical consulting rooms, dental offices, restaurants, stores, etc.

London areas we cover

You can reach out to us if you’re located in South, South-East, North, East, or Central London.

You can check our full list of covered areas or simply give us a call to let us arrange your personalized bathroom mould removal visit by a dedicated specialist.