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Handyman Services in Islington

Pick a Reputable Handyman in the London Borough of Islington

If you looking for a handyman in Islington, The Handyman London provides all services in this area.

The borough of Islington comprises parts of Inner and Central London – two of our prime areas of operation.

With a total population of around 250,000 homeowners and numerous office, trading, and corporate spaces, Islington remains one of our most actively engaged boroughs when it comes to various handyman services.

Our team is readily delivering a broad catalog of interior assistance works for both the domestic residents and Islington’s business.

With a tailored approach, flexible communication, and express booking, we are proud to be among our niche’s local leaders.

An odd job that we provide

Handyman Price Monday – Saturday Sunday
8 am – 6 pm 6 pm – 10 pm 8 am – 6 pm
First Half Hour £32 £42 £42 £33
Subsequent Half Hours £25 £35 £42 £27
Half Day (4 hours) £190 £325 £219
Full Day (8 hours) £362 Get a free quote

Handyman assistance in Islington - from scratch to perfection

Our fundamental purpose is to guarantee an end-to-end handyman service, complying with the highest industry standards.

Our team is prepared to deliver thoughtful planning, full devising, and professional on-site delivery of numerous services: from shelves instalaltion, pictures and mirrors hanging, to paint stripping, wall painting, or tv wall mounting.

Our list of competencies is continually upgraded and covers virtually all handyman support options you might think of.

  • Skilled professionals
  • Tailored service
  • Express booking
  • Exemplary results

What does the service include?

Our handyman service in Islington embraces all vital steps throughout the process of making your space look and feel great.

This includes professional advisory, site-specific tools and equipment, tailored choice of techniques, and exceptional attention to details.

Coverage areas in Islington

The Handyman London Covers each square centimeter of Islington, including Archway, Upper and Lower Holloway, Clerkenwell, Canonbury, Old Street, St Luke’s, and more.

All you need to do is communicate your current demands and tell us where you need us to be.

Service coverage in the rest of London

Our team will readily attend many other areas of London, including: